founder, Director

Ashley Yong is a Class of 2019 University of Missouri-Columbia Tiger majoring in Journalism with a minor in Business and Hospitality Management. She is from Chicago, Illinois, where Give A Box was founded. She has a passion for graphic design, writing, photography and multimedia. She hopes to grow Give A Box as a nonprofit in which people get up close and personal with the homeless to truly understand the cause. She founded the nonprofit when she ditched her high school prom in 2015 to package and distribute boxes in downtown Chicago.




Kyle LaHucik currently attends the University of Missouri. He is pursuing a dual degree in Journalism and English, with a focus in international and magazine writing. Running, writing and traveling are the hobbies that fuel his passions. He believes that everyone has a purpose in life. That's why he joined the Give A Box team. He hopes to help give people the opportunity of spreading their purpose, no matter: where they live, how much money they have or the amount of tangible items in their possession.